Why do American Football players get Stressed?


American Football is getting bigger than ever, and it’s even getting big in the UK thanks to the odd NFL game being played over there in London. It’s getting so big in fact that the players are getting even more money, and are expected to perform in every game. The problem with that now is that all players have a certain weight on their shoulders to carry everywhere they go with them, and some might say “well they get paid enough money” – but sometimes that is irrelevant. Even fans are becoming stressed over the outcomes of games and its starting to affect their health. All people work in the same way no matter how much money they earn, and American Football players are no different.

There are so many things that can cause stress, and in actual fact American Football players get more stressed about things than the general public and there are plenty of reasons for that. One reason is of course the money, these players have a lot of weight on their shoulders and are expected to be the best player in the world every game they play, but that’s just not possible. So when they do play a game and don’t perform to the best of their abilities, they will often feel useless. Another reason could be that they aren’t getting picked for a game and again, feel useless and end up getting stressed about it. It can be a very emotional rollercoaster as an American Football player as there are so many things to worry about.

A lot of the negative publicity for the American Football players comes because they earn so much money, they shouldn’t have anything to be stressed about. That could well be the case because but if you don’t have much money, it’s very easy to judge them and say “if I had that much money I would be doing this and that”. But the fact is, half the time these players can’t go out and do what they want with their money because they are always in the spotlight, and if they do anything out of the ordinary the media will usually eat them for breakfast.

Another thing the general public say about players is that they get injured on purpose just so they can sit on the side-lines and get paid for doing nothing. But again, that is not the case because when they are injured they have to put in even more work than everybody else to get fit again – this once again causes them stress because they aren’t playing the game they know and love. When they are injured, they often have to take medication for their injuries which do have side effects, which again can cause further stress. Even the American Football players that are playing every week still take performance enhancing drugs to better their playing abilities which all have nasty side effects, even though they are legal drugs.

American Football players are also known to get severe head injuries which can cause them stress without them even knowing about it – it’s a dangerous sport where many players have died from their injuries even though they wear helmets and padded clothing. This can ultimately be a stress factor for American Football players, even though they don’t show or feel worried about their health or life sometimes their mind can be in a different place and that can again cause plenty of stress.

The fact is, there are an unlimited amount of stress related problems in American Football and even though most of the players can live their great lives without feeling too stressed about it, there are a plenty of others that do get stressed without even showing it – which can be dangerous to anyone.

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